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General Information about J.E.E.S.C.A.

At Jesucristo es el Señor Christian Academy, we offer your children a safe and nurturing learning experience, where children are intellectually engaged in a happy and productive environment.


Our curriculum is carefully framed to provide opportunities for children to develop their physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive skills in a developmentally appropriate environment. Emphasis is placed in teaching our children a sense of community, self-respect and self-confidence in order to prepare them to be responsible citizens.


Emphasis also is placed on writing skills, reading comprehension, and mathematical proficiency. Although the curriculum is taught in English, our Spanish department strives to develop a solid mastery of the Spanish language, and as a result, students love to read in both English and Spanish. 

 The J.E.E.S.CA. curriculum provides:

  • Social skills 
  • A solid, mastery-based, back-to-basics education for your child.
  • A course of study diagnostically individualized to meet a student's specific learning needs and capabilities.
  • A program incorporating Scripture, Godly character building, and wisdom principles.
  • Advanced computer technology to help ensure the finest education possible in today's high-tech climate.



Our School also offers:



  • individualized studies in small groups from PP-12th grade
  • Christian Principles 
  • Bilingual Education
  • Electives in:  Japanese, French, Home Domestics, Manual Arts, Conversational English, Arts (basic and advanced), Children's Choir, Theater and Culinary Arts by a Chef.
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Wi-Fi Zone in all classrooms (August)
  • Oratory League
  • Lunch Room
  • Beautiful green areas
  • Playground exclusive area for PK and Kindergarten
  • Playground exclusive area for 1st , 2nd and 3rd grade
  • Sports Facilities
  • Extended day program (3p.m.-5 p.m.)
  • Student clubs and organizations
  • Student Council
  • Free services of a Clinical Psycologist
  • National Honor Society
  • Field Trips
  • Acredited by CGE (Consejo General de Educación de PR)
  • Chapel
  • Counseling and Social worker
  • We also offer Homeschooling services
  • Excellent centric location



Road # 2 Km 84.5 Sardinera Beach, Hatillo, P.R. (near Sam’s Club)




Mrs. Mimi Wolf



Advancing Education through Character-Building Individualized Curriculum and Programs

When you choose Accelerated Christian Education®, you get more than an organization that just sells curriculum. You get a Christian team of professionals who are committed to support all your educational needs.

Home educators can begin their homeschool adventures with competence and confidence by enrolling their children in A.C.E.’s Jesucristo es el Señor Christian Academy. After diagnostic testing, children are assigned courses that each consist of 12 workbooks called PACEs. Each PACE presents interesting lessons, new vocabulary, challenging quizzes, and mastery tests. The unique format of the curriculum allows students to advance from unit to unit as they demonstrate mastery. Students advance through the curriculum under parental supervision. Parents provide tutoring at the optimum moment of learning.

Contact us to learn more about the A.C.E. system of individualized mastery-based learning. See how this unique program can help your children develop their full potential.

Jesucristo es el Señor Christian Academy (JEESCA) is one of the distance-learning provider for A.C.E. School of Tomorrow and exclusively uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum for students in Levels K-12. In JEESCA Homeschooling, parents serve as homeschool teachers. Experienced academic advisors help parents implement the A.C.E. program and supervise the educational process. Home educators retain the freedom of homeschooling while receiving the full service of a school administration office for each enrolled student (report cards, transcripts, and high school diplomas). JEESCA is fully accredited by Consejo General de Educación de Puerto Rico . To learn more,  call JEESCA at 787-898-8185, ask for Mrs. Mimi Wolf, or email us: jeesca@gmail.com